“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R. R. Martin

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Petyr Baeish Books (est. July 5th, 2016) is a blog that specializes in fun bookish related content. Blogged by Tova Portmann – Bown, PBB offers a variety of content celebrating all things bookish from book reviews to writing to Bollywood reviews and random things that come to Tova’s brain at 1 AM.

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Tova Portmann – Bown (she/her) has been telling stories from the very beginning, even before she could speak English. She’s since transitioned from verbally telling stories in Tovese a long lost language to English and eventually began writing them down. She’s written a variety of kinds of stories, mostly unpublished, but now she typically writes YA Historical Fantasy, & YA contemporary.  She once wrote a book about Barack Obama, as well as a co-written series of badly illustrated children’s story about a talking bunny who lives with a girl named Lulu who has way too many pets. She LOVES Fawad Khan, above most things, other than her best friend Maya, that is. She has a special affinity for all things Turkish (especially anything Ottoman Empire related), Bollywood (if it has Fawad Khan in it, it’s even better), and bad puns. Aside from being Alexander Hamilton (she writes like she’s running out of time), certified bookworm and a blogger, she’s a poet, student, an editor of her high school’s literary arts magazine. You can usually find her drinking iced chai daydreaming about Fawad Khan, reading, attempting to write or scrolling through Twitter or Goodreads. She’s fascinated by Middle Eastern and South Asian mythology, culture and food. She’s pretty sure she was born into the wrong century, and culture, considering. She’s given a few unofficial TED Talks, as well. She lives in Washington State with her family and her amazing dog Jack. She’s a senior in High School and has mastered the art of procrastination.

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[ R A T I N G  S Y S T E M ]

as follow by Petyr Baeish Books as on January 1st, 2017

5 | ★★★★★: OH MY GAWD! WHAT ARE WORDS. I CAN’T ENGLISH, THAT WAS AMAZING! I adore this book 100% and I will recommend to every single person on this planet if I could. I would sell my soul to get people to read it!

4 |★★★★☆: I loved it, a great book that has a few flaws or issues that make it impossible for this book to reach the next level. I would recommend you read this book!

3 |★★★☆☆: I liked it. It had its good parts but it also had a number of issues. I would recommend this book but cautiously and only to the right people.

2 | ★★☆☆☆Meh. Not my cup of tea. Didn’t like it. disappointing.

1|★☆☆☆☆Oh, look I stepped in a pile of shit. Why does this book exist even? Shame *rings bell* Shame

*I do give half stars although as of now I don’t have a way of showing a half of a star. I will specify ratings, with the nearest amount of stars.

*I do not rate DNF’d books.

 [ P O L I C I E S ]

DNFing Books

I occasionally DNF books. I no longer rate DNF’d books, seeing as I have not completed the book so I can’t judge it as a whole story. I stick with my DNFs pretty strongly, if I think I might come back to it, I will shelve it as will come back to later on my Goodreads. I read because I want to because I like to. Life is too short for shit books so I am willing to DNF or put on hold books that are not meeting my interest at the moment. I have no intention of getting in a reading slump because of a book isn’t right for me at that time or in general.


I will accept ARCs. Please email me for details. I will also take manuscripts, preferably through Google Drive. I am in school so I cannot promise feedback or a review immediately.


I am not a professional review. I’m trying to work on making my reviews more cohesive and understandable, which is actually working! *Applause* I now have a spoiler-free section. If you read past that spoiler-free section and get spoiled, that is not my fault. My reviews contain a lot of rambling, semi-random gifs, and a lot of calling characters my precious babies and cinnamon rolls who must be protected at all costs. You have been warned. If you’d like to partner on a review, please specify what you’d like it to look like. I can write ones without gifs and actually serious ones. I’m happy to have you use pieces of my reviews to promote as long as you have credit. Please don’t read my earliest reviews. They are trash and they have tons of typos. I also don’t always correct typos in the Goodreads Summaries so please excuse those

If you need to contact me please do so at tovarose35@gmail.com. Please leave me your name and your request. You may also DM me on any of my social media (though I don’t check Wattpad that much). I will reply as soon as I possibly can.

Buddy reads? Yes, totally. I’d love to buddy read something with you. I personally like to read at my own pace and discuss it at the end, though if you have Goodreads we can discuss in the comments on updates. If you wish to Buddy read something, message me on Goodreads.

Be a blogger guest on your blog? Yes totally. I’m happy doing guest blogger things. As long as everything is chill, I’m good and I don’t require anything other than of course credit.

Last Updated: August 20th, 2018

 [ C R E A T I V E  D I S C L A I M E R ]

I am here for the books, and I am here to enjoy reading.  I am going to listen to my heart when it comes to reading, if I am not feeling a book I will put it down for then or DNF it. I am here to read for pleasure, I will not force myself to read anything (unless for school) I will not have any shame for liking or disliking a book, series, or author. I will be open with my opinions, and I can totally still be friends who opinions vary. I am entitled to my own opinion and I will respect you if you respect mine. Just because I do not like a book, does not mean that by any means that book is bad, its just my opinion. I do not mean any offense to the author or its fans. All my content is aimed to be fun, please feel free to disagree with me, just do it nicely. Please do not copy any of my content except gifts/artwork because all my images are taken off Google/Goodreads and used for review purposes. I do not take any credit that is not mine. I will not tolerate any hate speech of any kind on my blog this includes racism, homophobia, sexism, and bullying. This is a safe place, and if you’re going to be rude and not respect me, my content or my viewers, then you don’t need to be here.

And to all my followers, please know this that I support you no matter your skin colors, sexuality, or pronoun preferences. You are beautiful, and I care about you and see you. ❤ This is a safe blog.


Thank you all so much for your support. We all really want the same thing in the bookish community – good books. Happy reading! ❤ Tova from Petyr Baeish Books

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