Muhtesem Yuzil: Kosem; Bağdat Fatih IV Murad (Magnificent Century Kosem: Conqueror of Baghdad Murad IV) Lit. Challenge (OG)

This tag is centered around the second season Turkish Period Drama Muhtesem Yuzyil: Kosem. It is the “sequel” of the Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem Lit. Challenge which I did on my blog in November that my lovely friend Cara created. Cara, introduced me to the OG show; Muhtesem Yuzyil which I also created a tag; The Muhtesem Yuzyil Book Tag. Both I’d highly recommend you check out!  Muhtesem Yuzyil: Kosem follows Season 2 the reign of Kosem and Ahmed’s son Murad IV. There is lots of tension, drama, and death. This show is Turkish, and I have actually not watched any full episode, considering I am only on Episode 26 (26/139) of Muhtesem Yuzyil, but I wished to create this tag. Considering that Muhtesem Yuzyil: Kosem ends after two seasons and sixty episodes on June 27th, 2017 which happens to be the release day of my most anticipated book release of twenty seventeen, Now I Rise by Kiersten White. But if you like period dramas, or history or anything like that; try it. The Entire first season + the first 5 episodes of season 2 of Muhtesem Yuzyil are available  with English subtitles on YouTube (they are on 3-4 different YouTube channels.) If you’d like to watch it, you can find S1E1 linked on the MY tag. Also, if you don’t mind the language barrier, you can watch all episodes on The MY & MYK YouTube Channels. As on June 27th, there will be 199 episodes all available on YouTube.

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Also if you are tired of hearing about this is how much I care about that:


Murad IV

Name a morally ambiguous character.

Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows*

Kaz isn’t really a good person, but he’s not an evil person. Murad is low-key a terrible person, he doesn’t respect Ayse or Farya, but you feel pity for him and he’s really sweet and loving to his daughter, Kaya ( and honestly I don’t blame him because she is so CUTE and loveable). Also, it really doesn’t help that at certain points he and Farya are so cute, you must ship it even though you shouldn’t because it’s so damn toxic. Their both heartbrekkers.

annie community gif

Image result for kaz brekker

* I do have a SOC review, but it’s terrible. So, I’m going to reread it and write a better review soonish. Maybe this fall.


Kosem Sultan

Name a character who is your Queen/ A Character you’d like to be Queen.

Image result for Fahriye sultan and Mehmet Giray gifs

 Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Now that is a throwback. THG was my shit back in 7th and 8th grade, and Katniss has a very special place in my heart. She is Queen.

Image result for Katniss gifs

She was a huge role model for young me. Kosem is QUEEN. Sure she makes questionable decisions, but so does Katniss. You’ve got to give them credit. They both lost people, who they loved so much. And there both slightly broken, forced into a situation they don’t want, but they both try to make the best of their situation.

Image result for Sehzade ibrahim  gifs


Ayse Sultan

Name a character who needs to get in their own goddamn lane for once.

Genevieve from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


Ayse and Mahidevran are essentially the same people, just as Farya and Defne are. But why can’t she seem to understand the fact, that Murad isn’t into her anymore? Throwing a fit isn’t going to do anything, besides anger him. Also, the fact that she does it in front of her young children, makes her seem rather unstable. Like she made Murad look like a really great father when he leads Ahmet out of the room after Kaya leaves before returning to yell at Ayse to pull her shit together. Genevieve is an obvious choice, honestly, she just needs to understand that Peter isn’t hers and that she can’t ruin people’s lives because Peter is trying to move on.


Farya Sultan

Name a character is out of their element / a fish out of water.

Laila from The Tyrant’s Daughter

Okay, yes Farya is a princess, which isn’t very different from a Sultana, but she’s not a princessy princess if you know what I mean. But she’s not Ottoman, she’s from Transylvania which essentially makes her Lada Dragwyla, but not. She’s suddenly the Dynasty Sultana, Ayse hates her, she has twins, she gets death threats, Murad is kind of abusive to her before they discover she’s pregnant any then everything gets cute. Whatever happens, it’s enough to kill herself, even though she has two beautiful baby twin sons, Selim and Suleiman.

I like how she doesn’t include Murad in this list.

Laila is also in a new country and dealing with the loss of her father. She doesn’t know anyone, they don’t have money and everyone thinks her father is a terrible person. Basically, she dealing with a lot of shit.


Gevherhan Sultan

Name a character you just want to me happy.

Image result for Fahriye sultan and Mehmet Giray gifs

Ella Rubinstein from The Forty Rules of Love

Ella’s life is complicated, and just kind of depressing. Not only is her husband being an ass and cheating on her, but her three children are all kind of upset at her for different reasons. Then she meets Aziz, and he is wonderful. But stuff happens and it’s not fair. SO UNFAIR.

//Person// How is Gevherhan doing?

//Murad// I’m sure she’s fine

*cut to Gevherhan sobbing in her mother’s arms*

Image result for Gevherhan gifs


Atike Sultan

Name a character that makes you smile.

Murad III from The Aviary Gate

(Yes, as in Atike’s great-grandfather. You knew I was going to do that. I always find a loophole.)

In the shows and the books, Murad is the only Ottoman Sultan who seems to have any chill. And considering his family had no chill, it’s pretty amazing (I’m talking about Selim and Nurbanu).


This is the actors who play Nurbanu, young Safiye, Murad & Selim.

My review for The Aviary Gate will be up very soon, but there was one Safiye flashback about talking about how Murad even though he wasn’t allowed to embrace her, he still spent every night with her, and he didn’t take any other concubine until Nurbanu forced him to, which is really sweet. Good Lord and Butter he didn’t take after his father.


Ibrahim I

Name a character that drives you insane (for whatever reason)

Marek from Uprooted.


Yes, Ibrahim did literally throw his kid sideways for no apparent reason. You eyes are not deceiving you

To say I hated Marek is an understatement I detest him. Whenever I read Marek heavy chapters I was rolling my eyes. He just wasn’t likable, I found nothing. Absolutely nothing. I like Ibrahim in MCK, and I understand that he has some mental problems, but he’s generally sweet and very innocent. He shouldn’t really be placed in a power position, DAMN YOU MURAD for killing Bayezid. I guess when he became Sultan things got worse and he was a danger to others, like Mehmet. Someone should have intervened. Honestly, you should have gone with Bayezid or Kasim.


Kaya Sultan

Name your favorite character under the age of ten.

Poppet and Widget from The Night Circus.

They are adorable, and I love them so much. I’m still technically reading The Night Circus, but I just want a book about them. Kaya is the daughter of Murad and Ayse and is beyond cute. I love all her interaction with Murad, it just warms my heart. And honestly,  she doesn’t deserve to live with their parents who have a lot of issues and can’t seem to control their relationshit. HANZADE, KAYA & AHMET DESERVE BETTER. SO MUCH BETTER.


Gulbahar Sultan

Image result for Gulbahar gifs

Name your character you don’t understand the point of their existence

Tariq from The Rose & The Dagger

I do not like Tariq, and he is just there for sexual tension and the love triangle thing. I just want to him to go away and leave my ship alone. And yes, this my way of throwing shade at TIMS. Because in the show Gulbahar is Bayezid’s mother, and in history, Bayezid’s mother was Mahifuriz (Rasha), so Osman was his full blood brother. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gulbahar, she’s not like a lot of other MCK/MC mothers which is nice, and that scene where Bayezid dies broke my heart, but still. WHY? Rasha annoys me, but still BE HISTORICALLY ACCURATE.

Image result for no bueno gif


 Sehzade Bayezid

Image result for Sehzade Bayezid MCk gifs

Name a character your on the fence about.

Image result for Sehzade Bayezid MCk gifs

 Armand from The Smallest Evil 

I related to Armand on so many levels, with his anxiety, but he also was so stupid at times, and nothing he did made any sense. I wanted to love him, but I’m seriously unsure how I feel about him. Bayezid happens to have the same name as my favorite character is MC; Bayezid. But that is where the similarities stop currently. I don’t know his character enough to have fallen for him lie I have for 98% of the Sehzade’s


 Sehzade Kasim

Name a character who is basically just collateral damage

Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Prim deserved better, she was everything. Sweet, kind, smart, loving and amazing. She didn’t deserve such a fate, and neither did Kasim firmly.


Telli Hümaşah

Name an endearingly irritating character

Image result for Turhan hatice and Ibrahim gifs

Jason Dessen from  Dark Matter.

I cannot express why without ruining the book, but this book is a mindf**k. READ IT.

Basically, you DONE MESSED UP JASON.

Image result for troy and abed gifs
So here is a non-related gif to convey my feelings.



Turhan Hatice Sultan

Image result for Turhan hatice and Ibrahim gifs

Name a backstabbing character

Image result for Turhan hatice and Ibrahim gifs

*laughs manically*

Just the fact that Turhan was Kosem’s favorite of Ibrahim’s concubines, and then Turhan kills Kosem makes me laugh.

Related image

Maven Calore from Red Queen

I feel like Maven and Turhan would make a really cute couple, you know because Ibrahim and Turhan worked out so well.


Not really. He’s safer being ignored.



Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha

Image result for Kemankeş Mustafa Paşa

Name an all around awesome character.

Image result for Kemankeş Mustafa Paşa gifs

Lada Dragwyla from And I Darken

Yes, I must. and no, I will not stop, and your argument to as why is invalid.

Lada is fabulous – in my humble opinion. She is basically Dracula, but in girl form and sunlight doesn’t harm her. SO SHE’S A BOSS.



Pinhan Agha

Name a character you wish existed in real life.

Halime doesn’t see Pinhan.

Queequeg from Moby Dick

While I hate this book with the burning passion of a thousand lemons, I adore Queequeg.

And I want to give him a hug and save him from such a terrible fate. Everyone else on that ship can die though. Pinhan Agha is Sehzade Mustafa (Mustafa I)’s imaginary confidante. Which is hilarious, that they cast that person. While he doesn’t actually appear in season two, I wanted to include him in here.

I tag Hannah @PBB (Peanut Butter Books) + I also tag everyone who wishes to do this tag. DO THIS TAG! I BAGETH YOU! I IMPLORE YOU ON BENDED KNEES. You do not have to have watched all or any MC/MCK to do any of these tags. You also don’t have to do gifs, but my gifs are of the characters in the show.

Before you go – what MC blog is my blog do you think?

Answer below in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Muhtesem Yuzil: Kosem; Bağdat Fatih IV Murad (Magnificent Century Kosem: Conqueror of Baghdad Murad IV) Lit. Challenge (OG)

  1. OH MY LORD. This was so funnnnn!!! I read about a 546372828271828 spoilers in there about Kosem’s second season which I haven’t seen past the first two episodes but whatever!!! I am SO doing this!


    1. Sorry. I haven’t seen it either, but since it’s historical I don’t think of it as spoilers. I haven’t even watched any MCK. I’m currently watching Episode 26 of MC. But I would love to have you do it. And if you wish, there are the other two tags MC, and MCK Season 1.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, exactly. I did the same thing to myself before. Wikipedia-ed the Ottoman Sultans and found out stuff. I find your tags extremely fun so I will surely do them. Soon.


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