September Wrap Up + October TBR + Bookish Updates

Looks who’s back for her September Wrap Up? Yep, this girl and it’s actually not super later!!! *lamely high fives self*

Monthly Wrap- Up #2 | September 2016 | 6 books read | Books 45-50 |  Year of 15 | SPOILER ALERT|

  1. Lafayette in the Somewhat United States | Sarah Vowell | Historical Non-Fiction | Riverhead Books | October 20th, 2015 | 4.5 stars |  Hilarious + Hamilton | Book 45 |

        “Such a blunder sometimes, I wonder why I even bring the thunder, why he even brings the thunder,” – Daveed Diggs

“Why he even brings the thunder!” – Okieriete Onaodowan

Image result for Lafayette Hamilton gifs

 Lafayette is a precious french fry

Image result for Lafayette fanart tis I the frenchiest fry
Yeah, I just did that!


I am an Alexander Hamilton and all things Hamilton enthusiasts.So naturally, I decided to learn about everybody’s favorite fighting Frenchman!  And lets just this book was fabulous!

Image result for lafayette gifs

Lafayette is the most upbeat ‘happy go, lucky positive teenager, I’ve ever heard. It’s so adorable yet hilarious. He’s a total romantic and his letters of Adrienne just brought tears to my eyes. I don’t understand why he just left her especially since she was pregnant but hey…. I’m not gonna judge his actions.

Image result for Lafayette fanart

Image result for Lafayette fanart


Without all those guns and ships the balance would have never shifted and damn it after all the bleeding and fighting – we’d still probably be under the rule of England.

Image result for Guns and ships gifs

“Never have I enjoyed such swearing.” Is that founding father sarcasm I hear? I think yes, you heard it! I mean Lafayette’s son is named George Washington Lafayette so….. sure!


Check out this link to find out if your Marquis de Lafayette or Thomas Jefferson:

You’re constantly confusin’, confoundin’ the British henchmen / Ev’ryone give it up for America’s favorite fighting Frenchman!


2.  And I Darken | Kiersten White  | June 28th, 2016 | YA Fantasy/ Historical Fiction |  | The Conquerors Trilogy # 1 | 5 stars + all the stars in the universe! |   August 24th-September 6th, 2016  | 2016 favorites |  BK 46 |

                                                   This book was   EVERYTHING.
I mean it’s ‘a teenage Game of Thrones set in the Ottoman Empire and is a gender-bent retelling of Vlad Dracul’ what more could a girl ask for? Nothing, absolutely nothing!
Below are some images that summarize this book + my feelings.

You view full thoughts here

3. Dreams of Trespass | Fatima Mernissi |Addison-Wesley | April 1993 | 4 Stars| Septer 9th- 16th, 2016 | Autobio Non-fiction | BK 47| Required Reading |  Feminism |

 Well, that was educational and hilarious.
This book is a memoir of sorts following the girlhood of Fatema Mernissi who was born and grew up in a harem in 1940’s Fez Morocco.

It’s got some deep roots and profound thoughts about feminism which is really cool. I admit I’m very new to the whole feminism in literature thing but I feel like this is a solid start.


I have an odd fascination with harem culture (thanks to Magnificent Century and Cara) and when I ever I mention that people give me weird looks. As if I wasn’t odd enough I have to watch Turkish TV and listen to Turkish Pop music.


One day during lunch I was chatting with my librarian. I mentioned my love of MC + The ottoman empire and how fascinating I was with that culture. She recommended ‘Dreams of Trespass’ and I was like, sure thing, bruh. (No, that is a lie. But I don’t care). So, I picked this book up and woah this book was educational, feminist centered and darn right hilarious.

Let us start with the educational part:

‘haq ach-har’ (literally the month due or ‘why once a month, women are really emotional and irritated in Arabic ) but – I think you can translate that to mean your period. Which is usually an uncomfortable topic for most people? According to Mernissi having your period is like having bloody diarrhea, which I completely disagree.

‘qbul or sex appeal. As a reader and lover of words, I learn a lot of useless words that I would never ever use because of context. This is one of them.


The funny parts:

Yasmina is the real life version of every sassy grandmother in fiction (Olenna Tyrell, Grandmother Fa, Granny (from Ice Age) etc ). Basically, Yasmina didn’t like her ‘co-wife’ Lalla Thor so she named her ugly duck Lalla Thor. This made Lalla Thor furious so she went to their husband Sidi Tazi. She demands that Tazi tells Yasmina to change the duck’s name or she’ll leave him. Tazi finds this all amusing but Lalla Thor is in no mood. He suggests as a jest that Thor names her ugly dog Yasmina but Lalla Thor refuses. Sidi Tazi attempts to talk to Yasmina. He tells her to change the duck’s name from Lalla Thor, or he’ll have to make the duck into couscous (of all things). In exchange for the duck couscous, he gives her a silver bracelet. (SWEET TRADE BRO. YOUR PET FOR A BRACELET. THAT WOULD WORK, NOT.) She takes the bracelet and says she needs time to think about it. A few days later, she tells Tazi that eating the duck named Lalla Thor would be bad luck. Tazi admits that is a good point and drops the subject to Lalla Thor’s dismay.

1. I wouldn’t name something that I was going to be around after someone I disliked or hated. Then you just have a living reminder of that person or thing in your life.

2. Couscous? Why couscous? And what kind of person thinks that is gonna work? I mean a bracelet for your pet turning into couscous.


Aquatic Dishwashing – that is a chapter title in this book. AND ALL THIS CHAPTER TALKS ABOUT IS Washing dishes, OUTSIDE My mind just went kaboom

Okay? I get that dishwashing uses water but how is it aquatic? I see zero connections. But I am still intrigued.

Erotic stares of nine- year- old boys? I am I questioning that? Yes, yes I am. Because……
Samir and Fatema’s relationship was beautiful. I had a best guy friend until I was in about 10 (around the same age as Fatema and Samir). I understand how painful It can be to ‘lose a friend’.

“Men do not understand women,” she said “and women do not understand men.”

I LOVED the respect that Fatema’s father had for her mother:

“Douja, I love you as natural as God made you,” he would say. “You don’t need to go through all of this trouble to please me. I am happy with you as you are, in spite of your quick temper. I swear, with god as my witness that I am a happy man. So please forget about the henna tomorrow.”

And how sassy and snarky her mother’s reply is:

“My sidi, the women you love is not natural at all!! I have been using henna since I was three.”

Just fabulous!

4. A Game of Thrones Graphic Novel V. 3 | Daniel Abraham + George R.R. Martin | 4.5 Stars | Bantam Books | March 11th, 2014 | September 20th- 22nd, 2016 | Graphic Novels

Happy Birthday to {Regina} George Richard Raymond Martin. You may be satan but you know how to write books that change my life. I’ll give you that much credit.
First page we get this art of The Tower of Joy Flashback:
1. This art is pretty darn epic
2. The Kingsguard are as follows: The guy with the feather armor and Bat-helmet (Sir Oswell Whent) The white bull guy (Lord Commander Sir Gerold Hightower ) and Sir Arthur Dayne, The Sword of Morning and possibly the best swordsman alive (or once alive, I should say)
3. Since Oswell Whent’s symbol is a bat and he was known for his ‘dark humor’ I’m going to call him Batman (and I mean his symbol just happens to be a bat. Don’t tell me that not perfect)
4. Gerold Dayne has this really cool bull helmet and white armor ( a la mode Kingsguard ) but there isn’t really an explanation other than he has white armor, cape, and a white bull’s head helmet (that is pretty much as cool if not cooler than The Hound’s helmet
– I found this forum: arguing about that fact.
He is wearing a white cloak and white armor. Is this that “white” means?
But other six KG also are like that. Why only him ” white bull”?
Can this mean his hair color?
Alerie his grand niece does have silver hair. Maybe he has that too.
And “bull” means he is tall and strong?
He is from house Hightower I feel it is better to call him “white tower” if he is tall and strong.
Do we have some texts explaining this?
But I think it has to do with the fact that he is strong and wears white and has a bull- helmet. But please someone tell me he is a Taurus. He better be a Taurus (Because I’m a Taurus). My point is the helmet reminds me of The Minotaur.
– That long rant proves that The  kingsgaTower of Joy asre really Batman, The Minotaur and Arthur Dayne V.S Ned Stark ( Don’t even try arguing with me

EVERYONE IS THIS BOOK IS SO UGLY THO (even Robb, Jon, and Viserys ) Khal Drogo and Arthur Dayne’s are the exceptions. I mean I can’t tell Sansa and Cat apart.

And the flashbacks of ‘Tourney of Harrenhall’ + and ‘Tower of Joy’ were so visual and loved really seeing them for once.

5. Exit, Pursued by a Bear; E.K Johnston  |  March 15th, 2016 | YA Contemporary Retelling | 5 Stars | September 24th-27th | Audiobooks | Trigger Warning: Rape |Favorites

This book was stunningly beautiful. I’m not the biggest lover of contemporary (since I discovered fantasy) but this book blew me away

Image result for blown away gifs


And that is all I’m going to say for now. You can view my full review here:

6. Crown of Midnight | Sarah J. Maas | Bloomsbury | August 15th, 2013 | Throne of Glass #2 | September 6th -30th, 2016 | 5 stars | Favorites |

Image result for Back cover of Crown of Midnight no text

This book was fantastic. I really do like Sarah’s style of writing even if I have less than nice feeling about a certain book of hers looks at ACOMAF and glares but I really do like this series!

Did I think Sarah could manipulate my feelings yet again?


well…. she did.

Mort was the best new character ever. He’s a sass master skull shaped talking doorknob what isn’t to like about that?

Did Celaena and Chaol really just do it in the broom closet? Classic Sarah, just classic. But this is so tame compared to ACOTAR or ACOMAF. Her ‘sexy’ scenes really have come a long way. But seriously guys Chaol Westfall is bae!



Image result for Sarah J. Maas gifs
hot damn it

Chaol is Boyfriend goals and if Nehemia can’t trust a courtesan, then why is she homies with an assassin who is actually really dangerous. It doesn’t add up

…..and Nehemia



You know what I mean. I don’t have to explain.

For a ‘merciless’ assassin Celeana seems pretty chill to let people go.


and that last Archer scene. She stabs him…. in the heart


Image result for Sarah J. Maas gifs
YASSS *Kyleen voice*


 + let us not forget the time that Chaol discovered he was dating a faerie princess


Image result for Sarah J. Maas gifs


and that is my September Wrap-Up. Honestly, not too shabby. I started school and was pretty busy. If I can read 4 books a month I will be happy.

+ October TBR

Crooked Kingdom – Leigh Bardugo

Julia Vanishes- Cathrine Egan

Tacky and The Haunted Igloo

Black Milk – Elif Shafak

Break in Case of Emergency – Jessica Winters

The Rose and The Dagger- Renee Ahdieh

The Orphan Queen – Jodie Meadows

I’m gonna do my best to finish this TBR but you know how it is.

+ and the Bookish update:

You know how I promised you that I would be publishing my latest fantasy novel on this site? Well… that’s still happening just not until this summer. I’m actually gonna use this book as my honors English project which means I’ll have time in school to work on it. It will be professionally edited and I will release chapters starting in June or July. My sincere apologies for the wait.

If you have any questions, please comment down below and I’d love to hear what you guys read this month!









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